Devolution of Power and Revenue Mobilization: Imperative for Effective Public Service Delivery in Nigeria



The question of devolution or distribution of power and responsibilities among the tiers of government has been a heated debate for years. The debate has been able to gather more proponents than opponents. It is therefore safe to argue that devolution of power looks like the most appropriate path to be toured by our political leaders. As convincing as the arguments for it are, especially the appeal to the quick distribution of public service to the citizens, this debate has not be successfully translated into reality such that the citizens can effectively claim to have been beneficiaries of effective public service delivery in Nigeria. This paper therefore, without reawakening the whole debate (because the discourse is still ongoing in the literature), addresses the paradigmatic effects of devolution of power and revenue mobilization in effectively alleviating the socio-economic pains of the Nigerian people. Thus, this paper relies on existing literature (mainly secondary sources of data) in order to successfully drive out its points.