Dysfunctional Home versus Educational Attainments among Selected Mass Communication Undergraduates at University of Ilorin

Ajilola, B.A. ; Oketunmbi, E.O. ; Olakunle, E.O. (2014-12-01)

Staff publications


It is an established fact that children everywhere attain and maintain different levels of performance in academic activities due to the interplay of myriad factors including the marriage statuses of children’s biological parents. Therefore, the paper used the survey research method and a structured questionnaire to determine whether the dysfunctional home syndrome might be a factor in academic performance among the entire members of the University of Ilorin Mass Communication Class of 2012. Findings showed that there is no significant correlation between dysfunctional home and respondents’ academic attainments. The paper therefore recommends that children from dysfunctional homes should note that an undesirable family background does not necessarily constitute a barrier to the attainment of academic excellence. The paper also recommends that other researchers should verify the study by replicating it with larger samples drawn from the six geo-political zones in the country.