The Influence of Abule Oloke Merin Radio Drama in the Crusade against HIV and AIDS/STDS in Nigeria

Akinwande, A.J. ; Oketunmbi, E.O. (2013-01)

Staff publications


This paper sought to determine the influence of the Abule Oloke Merin radio-drama series in promoting behavioural changes in matters concerning HIV/AIDS/STDs among 247 purposively selected regular listeners. Data analyses and interpretations revealed that the series were effective in promoting behavioural changes. Only a 14.6% minority preferred other media to radio and demographic variables contributed to the influence of the programme. Conclusion is that whenever Nigerian youths are the targets of communication innovations, the edutainment and infotainment strategies of harmoniously blending education or information with entertainment is a necessary pre-condition for success. Flowing from this, we recommend that development communication planners should use more media units in more broadcast stations in combination with the media preferred by a minority of the study's respondents.