Communication Barriers to Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria since the 1914 Amalgamation

Oketunmbi, Ebony (2014-06-01)


This paper identifies some communication challenges undermining effective healthcare delivery in Nigeria, particularly as the problems pertain to communicators, messages, channels, audience, and feedback. The challenges identified rest on the twin notions that all human activities, including healthcare delivery, revolve around the fulcrum of communication, and that a health problem effectively communicated, is a health problem effectively positioned for solution. This implies that there is a symbiotic relationship between communication and healthcare delivery in any society. Nevertheless, communication and effective communication, the paper observes, are worlds apart. To solve the problems, it recommends attitudinal changes among healthcare givers and healthcare recipients in the country and concludes that effective communication is indispensable to effective healthcare delivery system anywhere, since health, a state of general wellbeing in the body and mind, is the foundation of all wealth.