With or Without Honours: Issues and Concepts in Mass Communication Bachelors Degree Results

Oketunmbi, E.O. (2015-12-01)

Staff publications


This paper concedes the naturalness of the euphoria rookie scholars often experience upon receipt of a letter of offer of admission into a university to pursue the academic degree of bachelors in mass communication. Nevertheless, the paper asserts the necessity of moving quickly away from the euphoria of admission to setting and working towards the goal of academic excellence. To achieve the goal of academic excellence, the paper identified 12 vices to shun and 12 corresponding virtues to adopt. The paper also discusses bachelors’ degree results, related concepts and formulas as well as their relevance to the process of computation of mass communication bachelors’ degree results. Finally, the paper concludes that attitude determines altitude in life and recommends that all academic activities be taken seriously ab initio.