Newspaper On-Air and On-Line: Boom or Doom to Readership among Journalism-Educators?

Oketunmbi, E.O. (2015-06-01)

Staff publications


Journalism-educators are concerned that there may be a phenomenal decline in newspaper readership in Nigeria. On the assumption that this could be true, this study sought to determine whether newspapers reviews programmes in the broadcast media and the availability of newspapers on the Internet are causal factors. Guided by seven research questions, the study purposively sampled 40 journalism-educators from five institutions in Ilorin, Malete, and Offa metropolises of Nigeria. Relevant literature suggests that on-air and on-line newspapers would reduce readership of hardcopy newspapers. Nevertheless, analysis of results through simple percentages showed that respondents read hardcopies almost as regularly as they patronize newspapers reviews programmes on air, but less than half of them read on-line versions regularly. Therefore, there is no declining newspaper readership among journalism-educators. Furthermore, if the basic assumption of declining newspaper readership is indeed true, the causes must lie elsewhere in the country’s newspaper clientele. The paper recommends that other researchers may verify the findings here with larger cross-country samples.