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  • Turner syndrome in diverse populations 

    Kruszka, P.; Addissie, Y.A.; Tekendo-Ngongang, C.; Jones, K.L.; Savage, S.K.; Gupta, N.; Sirisena, N.D.; Dissanayake, V.H.W.; Paththinige, C.S.; Aravena, T.; Nampoothiri, S.; Yesodharan, D.; Girisha, K.M.; Patil, S.J.; Jamuar, S.S.; Goh, J.C.; Utari, A.; Sihombing, N; Mishra, R.; Chitrakar, N.S.; Iriele, B.C.; Lulseged, E.; Megarbane, A.; Uwineza, A.; Oyenusi, E.E.; Olopade, O.B.; Fasanmade, O.A.; Duenas-Roque, M.M.; Thong, M.K.; Tung, J.Y.L.; Mok, G.T.K.; Fleischer, N.; Rwegerera, G.M.; de Herreros, M.B.; Watts, J.; Fieggen, K.; Huckstadt, V.; Moresco, A.; Obregon, M.G.; Hussen, D.F.; Ashaat, N.A.; Ashaat, E.A.; Chung, B.H.Y.; Badoe, E.; Faradz, S.M.H.; El Ruby, M.O.; Shotelersuk, V.; Wonkam, A.; Ekure, E.N.; Phadke, S.R.; Richieri-Costa, A.; Muenke, M. (Wiley Periodicals, Inc., 2019-12-19)
    Turner syndrome (TS) is a common multiple congenital anomaly syndrome resulting from complete or partial absence of the second X chromosome. In this study, we explore the phenotype of TS in diverse populations using clinical ...