An Evaluation of the Nigerian Cadastral Systems.

Adebiyi, O. E (1972)

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The purpose of this dissertation is to make a brief critical examination of the characteristics, merit and demerits of the different systems of land transfer and land records in Nigeria and to offer suggestions on lines of possible improvements. From the various court records consulted and also based on information derived questionnaires, interviews and discussions with landlords, lawyers, surveyors a nd the staff of the various state Land Registries, it is concluded that the Rudimentary Deeds Registration as it is currently operated in all parts of the Federation is no longer suitable for the country's economic and social developments. A critical a nalysis of the Nigerian Cadastral Survey System reveals some weaknesses which should be cured if the Survey Services are to cope with the process of systematic adjudication. A review of the Survey Regulation is recommended and a system aimed at security of boundaries is considered.