Influence of Water/Cement Ratios and Mix Proportions on Workability and Characteristic Strength of Concrete Containing Laterite Fine Aggregate

Falade, F. (1994)

Staff Publication


This paper examines the variation of work ability and characteristic strength of laterized concrete (concrete containing laterite fine aggregate instead of sand) with different water/cement ratios and mix proportions. Four mixes of cement : lateritic soil: crushed granite were considered, namely I: I : 2, I: 11: 3, I: 2 : 4 and I: 3 : 6. Two methods-slump and compacting factor tests were used for the workability while the conventional cube test was used for the compressive strength. Cubes (100 mm) were made, water-cured at 21 +2°C and tested at 7 and 28 days. The results showed that the water requirement for a mix increases with increase in laterite/cement ratio. Associated with slump test are: zero, true, partial collapse and collapse slumps. The strength decreases with increase in laterite/cement and water/cement ratios. It was further found that the workability decreases with increase in laterite/cement ratio. The results indicated that the well established variations of workability and compressive strength of normal concrete with water/cement ratios are valid for laterized concrete.