Hardening Characteristics of Medium Carbon Steel using Agitated Cassava Liquid Extract as Quenchant

Hassan, S. B ; Balogun, S. O ; Aigbodion, V. S (2009)

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The possibility of using cassava liquid extracts agitated condition as quenching media for plain carbon steel has been investigated. Agitated liquid extract from cassava were used in fresh and fermented condition for hardening O.35%C plain carbon steel. The mechanical properties of the quenched samples and the cooling rate curves were used to determine the quench severity. The microstructures of the quenched samples were also examined. Steel samples quenched in agitated cassava liquid extract showed an improvement in their mechanical properties. The cooling rate curve shows that the fermented cassava liquid extract has a higher cooling rate compared to oil but lower than water. The microstructure of the samples quenched in the cassava liquid extract revealed the formation of martensite. Hence the cassava liquid extracts can be used as quenchant in hardening process steels.