An Investigation into Nigerian Guidance Counsellors' Professional Value Commitments in Guidance and Counselling with Particular Reference to Two States of Nigeria: Lagos State and Cross-River State.

Arene, Violet Nwakaego (1980)


Guidance and Counselling is usually designed to achieve certain ends for a particular society. It is therefore practiced with a frame work of values and goals. Guidance and counselling cannot therefore successfully be practised in the Nigerian setting without a synthesis of the values and ultimate goals of its services. The major problem tackled by the present study is what Guidance and Counsellors' value commitments are in the Nigerian setting where Guidance and Counselling has been witnessing stalling development. An investigation such as this, of Guidance Counsellors' value commitments will help to ensure that the demands and needs of the Nigerian setting and the expectations of Guidance and Counselling consumers are being satisfied. It will also help to direct the development of the Guidance and Counselling services successfully.