A Study of Bacteria from the Digestive Systems of Two Advanced Termites (Isoptera, Termitidae) in Nigeria

Amund, O.O ; Yakubu, O.S ; Malaka, L.S.O (1986)

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1. The total heterotrophic counts of bacteria present in the digestive system of Macrotermes bellicosus Smeathman and Amitermes evuncifer Silvestri were carried out. 2. The populations of bacteria in the guts of workers were generally higher than in those of soldiers. 3. A total of nineteen bacterial strains belonging to four main genera, namely Cytophaga, Micrococcus, Bacillus and Sarcina were isolated; six of these organisms were capable of producing cellulose-digesting enzymes. 4. The possible role of these cellulolytic bacteria in termite nutrition was discussed.