Human Development Implications Of Expanded Usage Of ICTs In Accounting.

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Ajibolade, S.O.
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Access to information in a society is considered an important dimension of human development. lCTs offer the potential to contribute to human development by providing easy access to information. As stated in the World Bank Report (2008), significant progress has not been noticed in terms of lCTs utilization. This study argues that innovative use of lCTs in accounting activities has the potential to promote the achievement of a major objective of human development by not only placing more quality information at the disposal of the populace, but also accelerating their usage in other areas of the economy. The study through a review of relevant literature identifies the potential contributions of greater access and usage of leTs in the accounting function to human development. Using a questionnaire survey of 108 professionals, it also examines the extent of usage of lCTs by accountants in comparison to other business professionals. The study finds that lCTs usage by accountants is yet at a low level with no significant differences in access and usage between accounting and non-accounting business professionals. From the results, high cost of access ranks first among the major challenges identified with infrastructural inadequacies and lack of requisite level of IT education following closely. The study recommends greater involvement of business organizations, more active role for accounting professional bodies, educational institutions and professionals and government' sincere commitment to infrastructural improvements in addressing these challenges.
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Human Development , Information Communication Technologies
Ajibolade, S. O. (2009) Human Development Implications Of Expanded Usage Of ICTs In Accounting. Nigerian Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 10, (1),p. 76 - 96.