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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Degradation of Anthracene by Bacteria Isolated from Oil-polluted Tropical SoilsIlori, M.O; Amund, D.I
1997-01-28Degradation of Commercial Detergent Products by Microbial Populations of the Lagos LagoonAmund, O.O; Ilori, M.O; Odetundun, F.R
1995-05-26Characterisation of a Neutral Protease Produced by Micrococcus LuteusIlori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Omidiji, O
2016-08-05Microbial Communities in Sediments of Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria: Elucidation of Community Structure and Potential Impacts of Contamination by Municipal and Industrial WastesObi, C.C; Adebusoye, S.A; Ugoji, E.O; Ilori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Hickey, W.J
2015-08Metal Biouptake by Actively Growing Cells of Metal-Tolerant Bacterial StrainsOyetibo, G.O; Ilori, M.O; Obayori, O.S; Amund, O.O
2001-07Production of a Peptidoglycolipid Bioemulsifier by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Grown on HydrocarbonIlori, M.O; Amund, D
2000Ultrastructure of Two Oil-degrading Bacteria Isolated from the Tropical Soil EnvironmentIlori, M.O; Amund, D; Robinsn, G.K
1995Short Communication: Purification and Properties of a Glucose-Forming Amylase of Lactobacillus BrevisIlori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Omidiji, O.
2017-02Biodegradation of crude oil and phenanthrene by heavy metal resistant Bacillus subtilis isolated from a multi-polluted industrial wastewater creekOyetibo, G.O; Chien, M.F; keda-Ohtsubo, W; Suzuk, H; Obayori, O.S; Adebusoye, S.A; Ilori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Endo, O
2017Biodegradation of Crude Oil and Phenanthrene by Heavy Metal Resistant Bacillus Subtilis Isolated from a Multi-Polluted Industrial Wastewater CreekOyetibo, G.O; Chien, M; Ikeda-Ohtsubo, W; Suzuki, H; Obayori, O.S; Adebusoye, S.A; Ilori, M.O; Amund, O.O; Endo, G