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  • Malocclusion and Orthodontic treatment need of mentally handicapped children in Lagos, Nigeria. 

    Utomi, I.L.; Onyeaso, C.O. (The Pesquisa Brasileira em Odontopediatria e Clínica Integrada / Brazilian Research in Paediatric Dentistry and Integrated Clinic (PBOCI), 2009)
    Objective: To determine the prevalence of malocclusion andorthodontic treatment need in mentally handicapped children in Lagos, Nigeria using the DAI; and to assess whether the observed malocclusion is affected by age and ...
  • Reducing heat-load in buildings through the use of solar screens: Case study of bookshop house, Lagos 

    Adebamowo, M.; Godwin, J.; Oginni, A. (David Publishing Company, 2012)
    Abstract: Technology advancement has ensured a better means of livelihood essentially in certain parts of West Africa, specifically Nigeria, where the climate is predominantly hot in most parts throughout the year. ...
  • Orbito-ocular Lesions in Lagos 

    Anunobi, C C; Akinsola, F B; Abdulkareem, FB; Aribaba, O T; Nnoli, M A; Banjo, A A F (Nigerian Postgraduate Medical Journal, 2008)
    Objective: we present a 10year retrospective clinicopathologic study of 135 cases of orbito-ocular lesions. The aim is to document pattern of orbito-ocular lesions, with their site, age and sex distribution. Materials ...
  • Colorectal Carcinoma Screening in Lagos, Nigeria, Are We Doing It Right? 

    Onyekwere, CA; Abdulkareem, FB; Ashindoitiang, J; Ogbera, A O (Gastroenterology Research, 2009)
    Background: Screening for colorectal cancer (CRC) has proven effective in reducing disease mortality and is also cost effective. Recent reports indicate that colorectal cancer is not uncommon and presents with advanced ...

    Mbakwem, AC; Oke, DA; Ajuluchukwu, JNA; Abdulkareem, FB; Ale, O; Odunlami, K (Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice, 2009)
    Introduction: Hypertension is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Paradigm shift and novel drugsthatgobeyondbloodpressurecontrolhavedebutedinthelastdecadegloballyandinNigeria. The study thereforeproposedto ...

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