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  • Non‐random distribution of deleterious mutations in the DNA and protein‐binding domains of IRF6 are associated with Van Der Woude syndrome 

    Alade, A.A.; Buxo‐Martinez, C.J.; Mossey, P.A.; Gowans, L.J.J.; Eshete, M.A.; Adeyemo, W.L.; Naiker, T.; Awotoye, W.A.; Adeleke, C.; Busch, T.; Torano, A.M.; Bello, C.A.; Soto, M.; Ledesma, R.; Marquez, M.; Cordero, J.F.; Lopez‐Del Valle, L.M.; Salcedo, M.I.; Debs, N.; Li, M.; Petrin, A.; Olotu, J.; Aldous, C.; James, O.; Ogunlewe, M.O.; Abate, F.; Hailu, T.; Muhammed, I.; Gravem, P.; Deribew, M.; Gesses, M.; Hassan, M.; Pape, J.; Adeniyan, O.A.; Obiri‐Yeboah, S.; Arthur, F.K.N.; Oti, A.A.; Olatosi, O.; Miller, S.E.; Donkor, P.; Dunnwald, M.M.; Marazita, M.L.; Adeyemo, A.A.; Murray, J.C.; Butali, A. (Wiley, 2020-06-17)
    Background: The development of the face occurs during the early days of in-trauterine life by the formation of facial processes from the first Pharyngeal arch. Derangement in these well-organized fusion events results in ...