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  • Expert Opinion: Patient Selection for Premixed Insulin Formulations in Diabetes Care 

    Kalra, S; Czupryniak, L; Kilov, G; Lamptey, R; Kumar, A; Unnikrishnan, A.G; Boudiba, A; Abid, M; Akanov, Z.A; Latheef, A; Araz, M; Audehm, R; Bahendeka, S; Balde, N; Chaudhary, S; Deerochanawong, C; Fasanmade, O; Iraq, H; Latt, T.S; Mbanya, J.C; Rodriguez-Saldana, J; Hyun, K.S; Latif, Z.A; Lushchyk, M; Megallaa, M; Naseri, W.N; Bay, N.Q; Ramaiya, K; Randeree, H; Raza, S.A; Shaikh, K; Shrestha, D; Sobngwi, E; Somasundaram, N; Sukor, N; Tan, R (Springer Healthcare communications, 2018-12)
    Premixed insulins are an important tool for glycemic control in persons with diabetes. Equally important in diabetes care is the selection of the most appropriate insulin regimen for a particular individual at a specific ...