Customary Land Tenure Systems of Northern States of Nigeria (North - Western, North Central, Kano and North Eastern States.

Adewola, A. A. I (1974)

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Land everywhere is the basis of Social life; that upon which men work and rest. It is both in itself the most important raw material of economic activity and the location of all other materials such as minerals, wood and water, it is a universal condition of human action, an object of human understanding and feeling. And everywhere, the use of land is defined and limited by a system of tenure, a series of laws, moral rules and conventions without which no orderly life at all would be possible upon it. This thesis is therefore an attempts to describe, on one hand, such systems of land tenure which obtain in North - Western, North central, Kano and Norther - Eastern States of Nigeria; and on the other hand, to examine how these systems could be useful in a possible legal technical reformulation of a truly Nigerian Cadastral System which wi ll be at sympathy with the Country's Culture. The early part of the thesis is set on the preliminary examination of the area covered, preliminary examination of the area covered, basic concept of land tenure and the fundamental factors that have influenced the present - day land tenure systems within the states under study. Subsequently, the present - day land tenurial patterns of the four states are outlined together with their evaluation. Finally, the effect of legislations on the land tenure systems: the pre sent Nigerian Cadastral Survey System; suggestions and possibility of building a truly Nigerian Cadastral System are discussed.