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  • Reduction of Traffic Congestion and Carbon Emissions Through Park and Ride Transportation System 

    Rikhotso, J.T.; Ndambuki, J.M.; Kupolati, W.K.; Adeboje, A.O.; Kambole, C. (Covenant University, 2016)
    Traffic congestion results in low vehicular speed, longer trip time, queuing, and blockage of movement coupled with increased demand of space beyond the road capacity. The transportation sector causes 13% of the emissions ...
  • Refractance Window™ Drying of Red Onions (Allium Cepa) 

    Akinola, A. A.; Lawal, S. O.; Osiberu, A. S. (Journal of the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers, 2014)
    A Refractance Window dryer was fabricated and used to study the drying characteristics of red onions (Allium Cepa). The data for the drying of the 1mm, 2mm and 3mm sized shreds of red onions were obtained experimentally ...
  • Refractory behaviors of magnetite–kaolin bricks 

    Adeosun, S.O.; Akpan, E.I.; Gbenebor, O.P.; Balogun, S.A.; Taiwo, O.O.; Eke, I.J. (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 2016)
    In this work, the suitability of using kaolin–magnetite–plastic clay to produce refractory bricks has been experimentally explored. Thirty bricks of different compositions were produced and fired at 1200 C. The density, ...
  • Refractory characteristics of aluminum dross-kaolin composite 

    Adeosun, S.O.; Akpan, E.I.; Dada, M.O. (The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2014, 2014)
    The suitability of using aluminum dross waste and kaolin to produce refractory bricks is experimentally studied. Thirty brick samples of different blends are produced, dried at 30 C, dried further at 110 C, and fired at ...
  • Relationship between Serum Retinol Concentrations with Severity of Malaria 

    Nwoye, E. O.; Olayemi, S. O.; Oreagba, I. A.; Temiye, E. O.; Adejare, A. A.; Ojobor, P. D. (The Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy, 2014-01-01)
    Introduction: The effect of vitamin A supplementation in the reduction of childhood mortality has been known for some time however the more specific effect on malaria morbidity and mortality are less well documented. The ...
  • Relevance of building regulations and control mechanism in sustainable development of infrastructures 

    Afolabi, O. (Nigeria institute of civil engineers, 2014-10)
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  • Reliability assessment of offshore jacket structures in Niger Delta 

    Salau, M.A.; Esezobor, D.E.; Omotoso, M.F. (Petroleum & Coal, 2011)
    Jacket platform is essential for continuous crude oil production in Nigerian offshore oil and gas fields. However, the structures are constantly exposed not only to hostile environment and operational conditions but as ...
  • Remote Sensing of Vegetation Stress and Indicators 

    Makinde, E. O.; Salami, A. T. (Proceedings of Global Geospatial Conference 2013. Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA, 2013)
    The study used spectra indicators to determine the health status of polluted vegetation. Global Positioning System with an accuracy of ± 5m were used to identified stress areas. The identified impacted areas ...
  • Remote Sensing, A Vital Tool in Monitoring Climate Change 

    Omodanisi, E. O.; Salami, A. T. (Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies, Ile-Ife, OAU., 2009)
    The impact of anthropogenic activities on the planet we inhibit has affected the climate. Humans are at risk as the earth is warming up. It is through the observation of atmosphere and hydrosphere data; and by using the ...
  • Resultant land use and land cover change from oil spillage using remote sensing and GIS. 

    Omodanisi, E. O. (Elsevier (Scopus) Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 2013)
    The spill of oil into the environment threatens the existence of vegetation. This study identified the coastal area of Lagos impacted by oil spill, explosion and fire; using Landsat ETM+2005 and Ikonos 2007 and evaluated ...
  • A Review And Investigations Of Some Properties Of Foamed Aerated Concrete. 

    Ikponmwosa, E.; Falade, F.; Fapohunda, C. (Faculty of Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2014-01)
    The paper presents the results of investigation conducted on foamed aerated concrete - a lightweight concrete - with a view to determining its potential as a construction material in Nigeria. The properties investigated ...
  • Review on Oxide Formation and Aluminum Recovery Mechanism during Secondary Smelting 

    Osoba, L.O.; Owolabi, O.B.; Talabi, S.I.; Adeosun, S.O. (2018)
    The remelting, refining, and casting process of aluminum alloys often generate aluminum dross containing primarily oxides and nitrides of aluminum and entrapped metallic aluminum at the surface of the molten metal as a ...
  • Role of CaCO3 in the physicochemical properties of crustacean-sourced structural polysaccharides 

    Gbenebor, O.P.; Adeosun, S.O.; Lawal, G.I.; Jun, S (Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2016)
    Crustacean shells are rigid and comprise mainly calcium carbonate (CaCO3), chitin and protein. These principal minerals vary with specie and full elimination could influence the physicochemical properties of chitin. In ...

  • Scale analysis and asymptotic solution for natural convection over a heated flat plate at high Prandtl numbers 

    Adewumi, O.O; Adebusoye, A.; Adeniyan, A.; Ogbonna, N.; Oyediran, A.A (Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, 2018)
    This study presents a free convection flow over a heated flat plate using Bejan’s method of scale analysis for balancing forces. For Newtonian fluids of large Prandtl numbers, two different layers which are the thermal and ...
  • Scope of Bamboo Reinforcement in Concrete Beams For Low- Cost Housing. 

    Falade, F.; Ikponmwosa, E. (Nigerian Building And Road Research Institute (NBRRI)., 2006-12)
    This paper investigates the extent to which bamboo reinforcement can be used in concrete beams for low-cost housing. Beams of uniform cross sectional area (225x450mm) were designed to BS 8110. They were simply supported ...
  • Simulation of Paraffin Deposition in Petroleum Reservoirs 

    Adeyanju, O; Oyekunle, L. (Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2011-07)
    Paraffin deposition within petroleum reservoir during crude oil production can cause a decrease in reservoir performance, consequently the need to predict wax deposition is a major concern to all petroleum producers. The ...
  • Smart City and Vehicle Pollution Monitoring Using Wireless Network System 

    Akinyemi, Lateef Adesola; Makanjuola, Tunji; Shoewu, Oluwagbemiga; Folorunso, Comfort Oluwaseyi (International Technology and Science Press, 2018-11-23)
    Advancements in the field of communications are moving towards the internet of things (IoTs). Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) can be used to monitor environmental conditions such as pollution using independent sensors ...
  • Some Physico-Chemical and Adsorptive Reclamation Strategies of Used Automobile Engine Lubricating Oil 

    Owolabi, R. U.; Akinola, A. A.; Oyelana, O. A; Amosa, M. K. (Journal of Engineering Research., 2017)
    This study aims to reclaim the base oil component of used lubricating oils for reuse. The base oil reclamation strategies were carried out in a three-stage process namely, physical, chemical and adsorptive processes. The ...
  • Spectral and Statistical Features in Fuzzy Neural Expert machine for colorectal Adenomas and adenocarcinoma Classification 

    Nwoye, E. O.; Khor, Li. C.; Dlay, S. S.; Woo, W. L. (WSEAS Transactions. on Systems, 2005-06-01)
    This paper presents a novel method which automatically detects differences in biopsy images of the colorectal polyps, extracts the required histopathology information through Fourier and statistical images analysis of the ...