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  • Adam AI-lIuri and Neo-ijtihad: An Examination of His Legal Views on Ramadan Fasting in Nigeria 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Nigeria Association of Teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies (NATAIS), 2017)
    Shaykh Adam Ibn Abdullah al-IIuri was one of the rare erudite scholars in Africa continent in twentieth century who contributed a lot to the development of various Islamic disciplines. The Arabic School (Markazu 't-Talimi ...
  • Ahl Adh-Dhimmah under Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Department of Islamic Studies, Nassarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria., 2017)
    This paper is an attempt to study the affairs of Ahl Adh-Dhimmah(non-Muslims) in the Islamic State under Umayyad and Abbasid period of Islam. Personality of Ahl Adh-Dhimmah in an Islamic state are highlighted, as well as ...
  • An appraisal of faith-based literacy programmes on the socio-economic life of adult learners in Lagos, Nigeria 

    Falako, F.O; Anyikwa, B. (A publication of Higher Education Research and Policy Network (HERPNET), 2017)
    The study was carried out to appraise the literacy programmes provided by faith-based organisations (FBOs) in Mainland Local Government Area (LGA) of Lagos State, Nigeria to ascertain their effects on the socio economic ...
  • An appraisal of St. Francis of Assisi's canticle of brother Sun 

    Taiwo, B.S (Tai Solarin University of Education, 2007-10)
    Lynn white Jr, in the historical roots of our ecologic crisis noted that since the root of our trouble are so largely religious, the remedy must also be essentially religious, whether we call it that or not. He therefore ...
  • Between Islamic Activism and Politics: A Theo-Political Thought of Ḥasan Al-Banna Reconsidered 

    Adegoke, K. A (Department of Religions and Peace Studies, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, Nigeria, 2020-06)
    Hasan Al-Bannā was a great thinker and revivalist of Islam in the twentieth century in the Muslim world that most of the Islamic resurgence groups which emerged in some parts of the Muslim world are directly or indirectly ...
  • Between islamic legal maxim and religious fundamentalism: a case study of boko haram's insurgency in Nigeria between 2009 and 2017 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Faculty of Education, kampala international university, Dar-es-salam, Tanzania, 2016)
    Nigeria, as one of the pluralistic and multi-religious nations in West Africa, has been experiencing an extreme form of Islamic fundamentalism from an insurgent group popularly known as Boko Haram in the North-Eastern ...
  • Beyond Oputa human rights violation commision: tradochrislam repentance commision as a key to national rebirth 

    Taiwo, B.S (Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, 2001)
    This paper is a contribution to the National Rebirth debate, which presupposes that Nigeria is plagued by some problems. The paper examines the solutions that have been proffered for solving our social problems like the ...
  • Biblical and prophetic guidance for a nation at crossroad: the case of Nigeria 

    Shogunle, N.O; Taiwo, B.S (Apublication of the Faculty of Education, Kampala International University of Tanzania Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 2019-06)
    Whereas the bible contains important perspectives and practical guidelines for dealing with real problems that faces society today, modern planners often do not not look into the bible for answers to the complex issues.
  • The Challenges of Implementing Islamic Studies Curriculum in Nigerian Secondary schools 

    Adegoke, K.A.; AbdulRaheem, B. (Higher Education Research and Policy Network (HERPN£T) Africa Kampala International University, Kampala, Uganda, 2015)
    Nigeria is a multi-religious society which is responsible for the way the religion is being promoted to the extent that the religious holidays outnumber secular holidays. A common practice in Nigeria is that some professionals ...
  • Child Abuse in Nigerian Society: An Islamic Perspective 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies,Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria., 2006)
    Tile popular notion that child is the most precious gift that God call give to man cannot be de-emphasized in the African society. Despite this, there are still various child abuse going on in Nigeria society due to parent's ...
  • Concept of At-Tahajjub in the context of the Shari'ah Framework and neo-Ijtihad Challenges 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Al-Asaalah, the Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria., 2011)
    One of the distinctive features between the human beings arid other kinds of mammalian animal kingdom is the clothing and dressing. These clothing and dressing that are peculiar to human beings should be done to achieve ...
  • Concept of Human destiny in Islam and Yoruba Tradtional Religion 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Abuja Journal of Philosophy and Religions, Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of Abuja, Abuja, Nigeria, 2011)
    Concept of human -destiny is one of the hot-debated issues among the Islamic theologians and Yoruba Traditionalists. Apparently, both of them approach the various issues related to destiny in different ways•.Islamic ...
  • Critical Appraisal of the Advent and Impact of Islam in West African States 

    Adegoke, Kazeem Adekunle (Department of Religions and Peace Studies, Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria., 2018)
    Islam as one of the world religions from the oriental parts of the world is a branch of Abrahamic faith. Its spread to every nook and cranny of the world is systematic in nature and its impact on people is highly remarkable. ...
  • A critical examination of Matthew Fox's creation spirituality 

    Taiwo, B.S (Tai Solarin University of Education, 2007-10)
    Varieties of solutions to the question of the relationship between man and environment abound in christian theology. One of them is Matthew Fox's creation spirituality.
  • Critical survey of islam in West Africa 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Department of History, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo., 2009)
    Introduction Islam lit rally means an act of total submission or surrendering to the Will of Allah (God). Historically, the origin of Islam hanged on two theories namely conservative and modern theori s. In the onservative ...
  • DHIMMAH Contract in Sokoto Caliphate of Nigeria and Contemporary Challenges 

    Adegoke, K.A (Islamic University, Uganda, 2020-06)
    The Dhimmah contract as a Sharī‘ah provision for the rights of non-Muslims residing in an Islamic state has become controversial in the contemporary period as a result of misconception that an Islamic state is monolithic ...
  • Ethical teaching of the Qur'an as a vital Instrument of social harmony 

    Adegoke, K.A. (Keffi Journal of Religions, Department of Religious Studies, Nassarawa State University, Keffi, Nigeria., 2011)
    This paper examines one of the importance of the Qur'an to the humanity in an area of social ethics. It is contended that beyond the spiritual benefit of the Qur'an to people, It also serves humanity in a great immense ...
  • An examination of the trading activities of women in Purdah in Ibadan 

    Taiwo, B.S (Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan, 2000)
    This paper examines the trading activities of the Muslim women in Ibadan with reference to the Bamidele and Lanansse Islamic groups. The paper identifies the kind of trade being done by the women-in-Purdah in the above ...
  • Exploring the instrinsic values of islamic education as a means of national development 

    Abdulraheem, B. (Department of Arts and Social Sciences Education, University of Lagos, Akoka., 2010-08)
    1111 paper explores the potentials of Islamic Education as a / It Iyst for development in Nigeria. The discussion 1(1 ntifies the developmental needs of Nigeria focussing on III challenges that have hindered development ...
  • Faith-Based Organizations and Environmental Hazards: A Study of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Nigeria 

    Falako, F. O. (Nkumba Business Journal: A Publication of Nkumba University, Uganda., 2017)
    This paper looked at the proliferation of religious enclaves along the ever busy Lagos- Ibadan Expressway and analyzed the attendant hazards. The aims were to identify the attractions the highway offers; the ensuing ...