Assessment of Maternal Health Intervention Programme of Delta State, Nigeria: Application of the U.N Process Indicators

Babatola, O ; Uriri, A (2013)

Staff Publication


Arguing from the standpoint that maternal mortality ratio (MMR) alone does not constitute a sufficient indicator for assessing the performance of a maternal health intervention, the paper calls for a multi-dimensional approach. Employing such an approach and utilizing mainly secondary data, the paper examined the performance of the Delta State’s maternal-health intervention programme which commenced in 2007; cautiously comparing its pre and since-intervention eras. Among others, it discovered that the raw statistical values tend to give an impression that the period prior to intervention witnessed far better maternal health conditions than the period since-intervention. The paper explains the apparent contradiction before comparing the extent to which various results achieved by the intervention programme compares with the specified indicators of the UN in pursuant of Millennium Development Goal No5. It concluded by recommending necessary research and complimenting policy that would ensure that the intervention achieve the desired purpose.