Information-Field Differentials and HIV/AIDS’ Notional Inclinations of Mobility-Differentiated Population Groups: Clues from a Lagos Study

Babatola, O (2012)

Staff Publications


This paper aims at filling identified perspective-cum-analytical-framework gap on sexuality-risk analysis between mobile and immobile population groups. It originated from a multi-dimensional study on itinerancy-cum-sexuality-risk study on Lagos, Nigeria, which employed stratified random sampling. It compared the subscription levels of two mobility-differentiated trader-groups to local sexuality-risk notions given their assumed theoretically-differentiated information-fields. The first analysis compared the study populations’ HIV/AIDS’ awareness-duration profiles, as well as their risky-sexuality-condoning notional inclinations. Thereafter, it contrasted their categorized hear says and notions. Further analyses compute and compare their respective notional-transition scores before examining how HIV/ AIDS’ awareness-duration associate with current notional stances. Among other findings, the mobile group exhibit earlier access to HIV/AIDS information, but differs in the degree to which the time-awareness advantage stimulates them towards health-conducing/safe-sexuality notions. Discussion of policy-cumresearch findings followed.