Model Variables of Risk Elements in Sexual Behaviour: a Comparative Analysis of Lagos-Based Traders

Babatola, O (2011)

Staff Publications


This paper compares sexuality risk variables and the logit models of it inerantly differentiated tradesmen groups in Lagos Nigeria. The study, using survey design, compared the groups’ biosocial characteristics and then their sexuality risk variables in two ways. First, it compared their relative vulnerabilities to sexually transmitted infections, using selected ‘life-time’ and recent sexuality parameters. Second, it examined the degree of similarity between the groups’ sexuality risk models. Findings show significant bio-social contrasts between the two groups. While circulators showed greater multi-partnership risk, the non-circulators exceeded marginally on commercial sexuality. Condom-use risk was undifferentiating. Also, the variables in their respective parsimonious risk models showed minimal contrast. The findings among others underscore the relevance of HIV/AIDS sufferers as campaign persons and canvassed for greater emphasis on family life programmes, given the riskier sexuality disposition of married tradesmen, regardless of circulation status.