Mainstreaming ICTs in Social Security Schemes in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Okewu, E
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University of Lagos
Social security schemes in the society are increasingly gaining popularity owing to their potentials for curbing social tensions and menace. Sadly due to high levels of corruption in developing economies, the target audience made up of the unemployed ,disabled and rural poor is not getting the dividends of the initiatives as planned. Though various governments have intensified efforts in ensuring that the less privileged are adequately protected, there is still gap. In addition, there is need for greater visibility of social protection drives in Africa. Using literature survey and case studies, this study examined social protection initiatives in the African region viz-a-viz the existing gap. Hence, this paper is an attempt to fill existing gap in current literature on Africa's social protection plans. It also proposes an Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) solution to close the gap between budgeted deliverables and actual deliverables to the underprivileged. It equally highlights ways and means ICT can be used to directly empower this vulnerable segment of the society. Finally, current social safety net initiatives of governments are highlighted as vital contribution to knowledge.
Poverty , Social Security , Unemployment
Okewu, E. (2014). Mainstreaming ICTs in Social Security Schemes in Sub-Saharan Africa. Paper presented at the 9th University of Lagos Annual Research and Fair Conference, University of Lagos, Akoka.