Value-added Mapping: the Challenges of Modern Surveying

Olaleye, J.B ; Sangodina, J.O (2000-04-28)

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The pervasive influence of computerization has had the greatest impact on surveying because of the routine nature of most of the operations. From instrumentation to field procedures and methods to final office data processing and presentation, computers have continued to simplify the operations. The consequence of this is that anyone with little or no basic training in survey can produce results. Faced with competition, the modern surveyor has to diversify bis skill so that he can add value to his map. This is the only way to stay relevant and wanted Adding value to a map implies being able to map spatial events and phenomena and slowing them on his map and also being able to interpret the significance of the results. Fortunately, surveyors by their training possess the capacity to learn the basic 'methods used for value mapping. This paper calls attention to the challenges of modern survey practice and emphases the need for surveyors to quickly expand their horizon beyond classical surveying and embrace valueadded mapping and its various applications.