Energy-Budget of the Earth-Atmosphere System: what role for particulates?

Oluwafemi, C. O (1998)


Physics concerns the formulation and study of the laws that govern the working of the Universe. The word "Universe" means everything; ranging from the most tiny sub-nuclear particles (about 0.00001 atomic radius in size) to the largest agglomeration of matter in space, called galaxies (about 150 trillion earth radii). First, let us take a bird I s eye-view of the history of the Universe, the everything. Research studies by space and planetary scientists (i.e. astrophysicists, astronomers, geophysicists, geologists and archaeologists) have unfolded to us that we are in an ever-expanding Universe. The beginning of everything is the so-called Big-Bang, that horrendous primordial explosion which occurred some 18 billion years ago. The attendant fireball radiated enormous quantities of lethal gamma rays and X-rays at that time.