An Overview of Foamed Aerated Concrete - A Building And Civil Engineering Construction Material

Ikponmwosa, E ; Falade, F (2008)

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Over the -past 20 years foamed aerated concrete has become accepted in many parts of the world as an important material for use in the construction industry. The amount of foamed concrete being used, the number of producers/manufacturers and variety of applications where it can be used have drastically increased. For many applications, foamed concrete can provide cost and performance benefits when compared with traditional building materials. This paper provides an overview of what foamed aerated concrete is and seeks to introduce the material to Nigerian construction industry and researchers through awareness creation. It also highlights the advantages and disadvantages as well as giving an overview of technical specification of the material. Applications for which foamed concrete can be used are discussed, including the use of foamed concrete in building. construction, roads, bridges, void filling, ground stabilization and land reclamation.