The Degradation of I-Phenylalkanes by an Oil-Degrading Strain of Alinetobacter Iwoffi

Amund, O.O ; Higgins, I.J (1985)

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An oil-degrading bacterium identified as Acinetobacter lwoffi was isolated by elective culture on North Sea Forties crude oil from an activated sludge sample. It grew on a wide range of n-alkanes (C12 – C28) and 1 –phenylalkanes, including 1-pheny1dodecane, 1-pheny1tridecane and 1-pheny1tetradecane. The organism degraded 1-pheny1dodecane to phenylacetic acid which was further metabolized via homogentisic acid, whilst 1-phenyltridecane was transformed to trans-cin-namic and 3-pheny1propionic acid which were not further metabolized. Evidence is presented for a relationship between aromatic amino acid catabolism and 1-pheny1dodecane degradation in this organism.