The state human trafficking and human rights issues in Africa

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Onuoha, B.
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Internal factors in Africa which include limited autonomy of African states, the states’ various degrees of lack of capacity, as well as inept and parasitic leadership make human trafficking and human rights abuses in Africa inevitable. Regardless of the connections suggested to exist between globalization and human trafficking, internal factors in Africa are more fundamental than globalization in explaining human trafficking and the associated human rights violations. Corruption and misrule brought about wars and crises, unemployment, poverty, and diseases, all of which acted as push factors in disposing victims to be trafficked. Internal factors were exacerbated by the structural adjustment programs of the 1980s and were only deepened by the impacts of globalization. Any meaningful resolve to combat human trafficking and fight human rights abuses in Africa necessarily has to address the nature of state and the character of the leadership in the region.
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human trafficking , human rights , state and leadership in Africa , corruption , misrule , globalization , structural adjustment programme , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Onuoha, B. (2011). The state human trafficking and human rights issues in Africa. Contemporary Justice Review, 14(2), 149-166.