Strategies for Enhancing Scholarly Communication using Institutional Repositories: a Focus on Libraries in Nigeria

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Ukachi, N.B
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The place of institutional repositories in enhancing scholarly communication is becoming obvious as academic institutions are embracing this service which among many other key roles, enables wider circulation of research outputs of institutions. This study is concentrated on establishing the strategies and models adopted by libraries in Nigeria in ensuring that their institutional repositories effectively enhance scholarly communication. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study while the purposive sampling technique was employed in selecting libraries that have institutional repositories. Ten librarians, each from the universities were randomly selectedfor the study. Questionnaire complemented with oral interview were the instruments usedfor data collection. Data collected was analysed using SPSS software. The outcome revealed that the two most prevailing activities carried out by the libraries in modelling their institutional repositories for enhanced scholarly communication are; digitization of scholarly contents in printed format and allowing self- archiving of research outputs of members of stajfwhile announcing and publicizing their contents through the library website is the most acknowledged promotion strategy adopted by the libraries. Challenges encountered include; issues with legalframework/ intellectual property right, difficulty in content recruitment, etc. The study concluded by recommending among others that the library management should expose members of staff in-charge of content upload to trainings in the area of copyright law,put in place a submission policy that will compel members of staff to submit their research outputs to the repository and, establish a reward system to academic members of staff who submit their works to the institutional repository.
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Institutional repositories , Scholarly communication , Research output , University libraries , Nigeria , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Other social sciences::Library and information science
Ukachi, N.B (2018). Strategies for Enhancing Scholarly Communication using Institutional Repositories: a Focus on Libraries in Nigeria. Communicate: Journal of Library and Information Science, Vol.20 (1&2).