Wilms' tumour – A 5-Year Review of Cases seen in Lagos University Teaching Hospital

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Akinsulie, AO
Temiye, EO
Odelola, MA
Bode, CO
Abdulkareem, FB
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Journal of Clinical Sciences
Objective: The study was carried out to review the clinical stage at which cases of Wilms' tumour in children were admitted in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria, the pathology of the disease, the management employed, the outcome and the effectiveness of the out-patient clinic follow up. Method: The case-notes of all patients managed for Wilms' tumour in the department of Paediatrics, Lagos University Teaching Hospital were reviewed over a period of five years, 1999 to 2003, in a retrospective study. Results: A total of 35 cases were admitted during the study period; comprising 20 males and 15 females. Nineteen of them had nephrectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Sixteen of these 19 patients were in stages III to V. One patient died three days after nephrectomy. Two out of the patients who had no surgery had chemotherapy and radiotherapy but died before surgery could be performed. The remaining 14 patients had some courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy but were later discharged against medical advice; also 87.5% of all the cases discharged were lost to follow up. Conclusion: Majority of cases of Wilms' tumour managed in Lagos University Teaching Hospital presented late. There was a high rate of discharge against medical advice. Also there was a high rate of default at the follow-up clinic.
Wilms' tumour; Nephrectomy; Chemotherapy; Radiotherapy; Late presentation.
Year : 2005 | Volume : 5 | Issue : 1 | Page : 27-29