Teachers' Remunerations, Conditions of Service, Job Satisfaction, Attitude to Work and Job Performance in Selected Secondary School in Lagos State

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Fagbamiye, E. O.
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There is a general belief that unhappy employees are unlikely I to be a productive work force. Ejiogu (1990)'noted that, the quality of education in any given society depends considerably on the number and the quality of its personnel. Invariably, therefore, one of the foremost functions of educational management is the development nnd mulntcnnncc of un efficient und off ctivc school stull While effective staff can be produced through training and skill development, efficiency is a function of human frame of mind and motivation and is a necessary requirement for effectiveness in the long run. For teachers to be effective, they must be in the right frame of mind, free from distractions, and appropriately motivated. But as Ajayi and Oni (1992) have intimated, human motivation is a complex phenomenon and is often driven by human needs. Human needs, according to Maslow, (Ejiogu, 1985) is hierarchical in nature. The basic needs form the base and must be satisfied before others which , are higher become compelling. Since the physiological needs (lowest order) such as the need for food, shelter and safety take centre stage in human existence, it is not surprising that so much is said and heard about teachers' remunerations and conditions of service particularly in a country where teachers suffer from low esteem and poor public image both of which are believed to be a function of one's social, 3 , status. The situation can be extremely trying on individuals particularly in large urban centres such as Lagos. As a result of the depreciation of the Naira and rising cost of living from about 1989, many teachers moved away to the outskirts of metropolitan Lagos because of lower rents on accommodation. But as fuel prices rose from about 1993, whatever savings were made em " accommodation were wiped out by the higher transport fares. Teachers are a significant group affected by this no-win situation. Quite often teachers try not to disclose their occupation as landlords are usually unwilling to let accommodation to teachers for fear that they might default on their rent payments. One is thus painfully reminded of Gerbner's (1972-73) observation about the teacher, teachers in books, drama, magazine cartoons, and films were depicted as tyrannical, brutal, pedantic, dull.... Teachers had a difficult time getting and staying married .... One writer noted that "to succeed as a teacher one must fail as a man or a woman.
Conference Paper
Teachers' Remuneration , Job Performance
Fagbamiye, E. O. (2000), Teachers' Remunerations, Conditions of Service, Job Satisfaction, Attitude to Work and Job Performance in Selected Secondary School in Lagos State. Being a paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP) held at University of Ilorin, Ilorin