Universal Banking in Nigeria: Imperative or Irrelevant

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Osama, I.O
Abu, I.N
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Department of Banking and Finance, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Benin
The banking game the world over has changed over the years and 'universal banking' has been a major contributor to this change especially in the western world. Looking at the issue from an African perspective and Nigeria more specifically, we seethe need for a more robust financial and banking system which the central governing body, the Central Bank of Nigeria has over the last few years put measures in place to achieve this. The universal banking system happens to be one of such measures, though now reversed. Thus it is important to evaluate the usefulness of universal banking to the Nigerian banking system. We show from analysis of copies of questionnaire served to targeted groups of individuals that indeed,' universal banking' will broaden and deepen Nigeria's banking and financial system.
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Universal Banking , Financial Institutions, , Glass-Steagall Act , Financial System
Osama, I.O and Abu, I.N (2010) Universal Banking in Nigeria: Imperative or Irrelevant. Finance and Banking Review, Vol.4 (1&2).