An Analytic Hierarchy Process Analysis: Application to Subscriber Retention Decisions in the Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications

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Kuye, O.L.
Sulaimon, O.A.
Oyatoye, E.O.
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International Journal of Management and Economics
The introduction of mobile number portability (MNP) in the Nigerian telecommu- nications industry has brought a new challenge for mobile operators. This study investi gates the use of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in customer retention decisions in the Nigerian telecommunication industry using a cross-sectional survey design. Primary data were obtained through questionnaires administered to 480 mobile telecommunications subscribers in six tertiary institutions located in Lagos State, Nigeria. These educational institutions were chosen using a multistage sampling technique. Of 438 questionnaires received from subscribers, 408 were valid. Based on this sample data an AHP model was built to assess the determinants of customer retention decisions. Next, eigen values, an eigen vector and maximum lambda (λMax) were obtained using the AHP analysis for the matrices. This analysis shows that customers considered call quality as the important in the retention decision. We conclude that AHP is a meaningful tool for determining what motivates retention decisions, that can help network operators formulate effective customer retention strategies.
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analytic hierarchy process , mobile number portability , retention management , telecommunication , marketing strategies
Kuye, O.L., Sulaimon, A.A, Oyatoye E.O (2015), An Analytic Hierarchy Process Analysis: Application to Subscriber Retention Decisions in the Nigerian Mobile Telecommunications. International Journal of Management and Economics, P. 63-83