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Timothy Asobele, S.J.
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Foundation Publishers
We are all. aware of the fact that becoming a hero is the property of a VIrtuous man. This is because heroism has noth- I~g to ?o with luck or talent but requires constant efforts at all' times, mdeed, to the end of one's life. Hu~iIity is. the fountain of strength of all heroes. So are ~t?er VIrtues like: prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, aith, . hope, and .chanty. Heroism is not what one cultivates conscIOusly: but IS by popular acclamation, something that is usually achieved only with or after death as in the case ofmartyrs.?amji.' the In?n ~~o was able to bring together all themu.'t.l-ethntc, multi-religIOUS,. multi-lingual and multi-cultural ~ntltles o.f the North .to create the monolithic Arewa identity 1nt? a united people, IS th.e subject of this two-hour play. The ~nter ~?ys we have a hentage, a viable heritage. The heritage Garnji, a man, who was the centre of the Nigerian political t?rms of the 1960s, a literally misunderstood man. Gamji is th! legendary and mystic BigmlJll with the wristwatch the like of whom the gods' ift . ' give as g: s to humanity once in several ~e~erati~ns and who are hard to come by or to replace bee- .IlIS~their ~.ho.esare oversize. In fact there may never be any ~).thcr,Gam!l. like ~ir Ahm~du Bello for a long time to come. I he SucceSSIOnVOidGamji created in the caliphate's tradition lor twenty-tive years attests to the veracity of our claim.
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Timothy Asobele, S.J. (1993). Gamji