Estimating Male Ureteral Length with Mathematical Models: Cadaveric Study

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Oluwatosin, A.T
Osinubi, A.A
Tijani, K.H
Akinde, O.R
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University of Lagos Press, Akoka
Prior determination of ureteral length before placement of stent helps in pre operation planning for urological surgery. This is an opportunity to select appropriate length of stent. There are evidences of increase in the use of ureteric stents as a result of frequent obstruction of the ureter. This experimental research was carried out on dissected seven male cadavers with measurement of two ureters and eight anthropometric dimensions from each subject. The statistical analysis used includes, mean, correlation coefficient, regression and simulation. There was high correlation coefficient between ureteral length (y) and four out of the considered eight anthropometric measurements: Supra orbital notch to medial malleolus = 0.954; waist circumference = 0.914; Anterior supra iliac spine to lateral malleolus = 0.887; acromion to lateral malleolus = 0.796. Use of mathematical equation and anthropometric measurement of patient will by- pass traditional use of x-ray to evaluate ureteral length when considering the length of the stent to be used by Urologist. Each of the four generated models predicts appropriate length of ureter, thereby reduces cost, within limited time that gives conveniences and comfort to the patient.
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Ureteral stent , Anthropometry , Ureter , Mathematical model
Oluwatosin, A.T, Osinubi, A.A, Tijani, K.H and Akinde, O.R (2017). Estimating Male Ureteral Length with Mathematical Models: Cadaveric Study. Unilag Journal of Medicine, Science and Technology, Vol.5(1), 94-103p.