Adoption of Open Source Software in Libarary Management: an Instance with KOHA

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Ukachi, N.B
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Nigerian Library Association
This literature and practical knowledge based opuuon paper explored Koha software, bringing to limelight its applicability in the library. The various modules contained in the software (Circulation, Patrons, Advanced SearchlOPAC, Cataloguing, Serials, Acquisition, Report and Tools) and the various specific services that they can be used to perform were exhaustively discussed. The paper also briefly discussed library software and open source software (aSS) initiative respectively. It explained the various characteristics including the numerous benefits such as; availability of source code, free redistribution, stability, less expensive, etc, associated with the use of ass. It concluded by stating that the provision of current, timely and easy access to information even, remotely, is a task which libraries and librarians cannot ignore if they want to remain relevant in today's information environment therefore recommend that rather than spent futile years waiting for funds to acquire' proprietary software, the ass such as KO/ILlshould be embraced as most times, they are more effective and efficient.
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Koha Software , Open Source Software , Library Software , Software Application in Libraries , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology
Ukachi, N.B (2015). Adoption of OUkachi, N.B (2015). Adoptiuon of Open Source Software in Libarary Management: an Instance with KOHA. Journal of the Nigerian Library Association, Vol.48(1&2).