Nigeria and South Africa: Collaboration or competition?

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Odubajo, T.
Akinboye, S.O.
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This article focuses on the dynamics of the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa, arguably the two most prominent states on the African continent. Each of the two states continues to make attempts at extending its hegemony beyond its respective sub-region to emerge as Africa’s foremost state. These efforts are not pursued in isolation, but affect their bilateral relations and are tied to the guiding principles of the national interest. Through data gathered from secondary sources, we analyse the trajectory of the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa, from the intensely politically contentious to the strongest of warm relations. In the final analysis, the article concludes that collaboration and competition are critical variables in the conduct of inter-state relations. Nigeria and South Africa have an historic opportunity to collaborate in the current period, in order to promote the general interest of the African continent in the international system. Will their respective pursuit of their own national interests encourage, or derail, this role?
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Africa , Nigeria , South Africa , national interest , regional hegemony , pivotal states , Research Subject Categories::SOCIAL SCIENCES::Social sciences::Political science
Odubajo, T., & Akinboye, S. O.(2017). Nigeria and South Africa: Collaboration or competition?. South African Journal of International Affairs, 24(1), 61-77.