Proximate, Ultimate Analysis and Industrial Applications of Some Nigerian Coals

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Bodude, M.A.
Ayoola, W.A.
Oyetunji, A
Baba, Y. D.
Odukoya, A.L.
Onifade, O.A.
Olugbile, O. O.
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The physico-chemical, thermal and mechanical properties were used to evaluate coal samples from Udane-Biomi, EmeweEfoppa and Okobo, Kogi state, Nigeria. The results of the proximate analysis of the coals showed higher ash content for Udane-Biomi (75.23%) than Emewe-Efoppa (6.86%) and Okobo (3.32%) coal deposits. The Net Calorific Values (NCV) obtained from Bomb Calorimetry test indicated that the heating value of Emewe-Efoppa (25.25 MJ/Kg) and Okobo (26.53 MJ/Kg) coal samples were eight times higher than Udane-Biomi (3.2 Kcal/kg) sample. The chemical composition of the coal got from the ultimate analysis test showed that the carbon contents were between 10.40 – 68.59%. The sulphur and nitrogen contents in all coals were similar and significantly low. Based on the analyses of the results obtained, Emewe-Efoppa and Okobo coals may be used for different purposes such as power generation, fuels, feedstock for chemicals and Udane-Biomi coal is best for cement production.
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Coal reserve; net calorific value; proximate analysis; ultimate analysis , Coal reserve , Ultiimate analysis , proximate analysis , Net calorific value , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Bodude M.A., Ayoola W.A., Oyetunji A. Baba Y.D., dukoya A.L., Onifade .O. A and Olugbile O.O (2019). Proximate, Ultimate Analysis and Industrial Applications of Some Nigerian Coals. ABUAD Journal of Engineering Research and Development, 2(1), 20-25.