The City of Ibadan: Yoruba Towns and Cities

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Adeboye, O.
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Bookshelf Resources Ltd, Ibadan
Ibadan is located in Oyo State, Nigeria, and is made up of largely Yoruba speaking peoples. It is reputed to be the largest indigenous city in Nigeria with a total area of 3,080 sq. kilometers. The total population of the five local government areas in the municipality is 1,889,776 while that of the outlying communities is 1,413,081.1 It is not a city of remote antiquity, but is highly metropolitan and urbanised. Its large size clearly marks it out among other Yoruba cities. Ibadan is a city of numerous hills (Oke) after which some of the wards are named like Oke-Ado, Oke-Foko, Oke-Sapati, Oke-Are, Oke-Oluokun, Oke-Bola etc. It is a city with an early cosmopolitan culture accentuated by colonial rule. Today, as a state capital, Ibadan is an administrative centre that houses the Oyo State Secretariat. It is also a centre for different ideas; a of myriads of diverse peoples with the indigenous core of the population still preserving its identity.
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Adeboye, O. A. (2003). "The City of Ibadan" in G.O. Oguntomisin (ed.), Yoruba Towns and Cities, Vol.1. Ibadan: Bookshelf Resources Ltd, 7-19