Small Business Loan Decisions:

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Owualah, S.I.
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The paper reports the results of a survey of small business loan decision criteria in two countries at very different stages of development. Japan and Nigeria present striking contrasts, not only in terms of stages of their levels of economic development but also in socio-economic infrastructures enjoyed by their small businesses. On both counts Japan towers over Nigeria. Hence the perceptions of the banking institutions to small business lending in the former can be used to assess the perceptions of those in the latter. A major finding of this study is that although there is some degree of congruence on what banking institutions in both countries consider as critical in their small business loan decisions, the observed divergences in their perception may be the consequence of institutional or promotional support inequalities between them.
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Economic Development , Socio- Economic Infrastructure
Owualah, S. I. (1988), Small Business Loan Decisions: A Survey Of Criteria In Japan And Nigeria. International Small Business Journal, Vol.7,(1) , p. 29 - 42.