Chemical Composition of the Hexane Extract from the Leaves of Solanum pseudocapsicum

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Aliero, A.A.
Asekun, O.T.
Grierson, D.S.
Afolayan, A.J.
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The chemical compositions of hexane extractable fractions of the leaves of Solanum pseudocapsicum were analyzed by GC-MS. Out of the 35 compounds detected, 26 were identified. The first fraction was dominated by aliphatic hydrocarbons with decane (44.1%), undecane (24.6%) and nonane (6.1%) as the main constituents, while the second fraction was dominated by decane (24.9%), undecane (13%), tetradecane (10.0%) and hexadecane (8.3%). The main constituents of the third fraction were nonane (20.7%). α-terpinolene (7.2%). The acyclic diterpene phytol (35.8%), fatty acids (32.5%) and α-terpinolene (6.3%) dominated the fourth fraction. Other notable components identified include ketones and esters. The high percentage of hydrocarbons, terpenes and fatty acids could contribute to the understanding of the biological characteristics of this species as a poisonous plant.
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Research Subject Categories::NATURAL SCIENCES::Chemistry::Organic chemistry , Solanum pseudocapsicum , Solanaceae , hydrocarbons , terpenes , organic acids
Aliero, A. A., Asekun, O. T., Grierson, D., & Afolayan, A. (2006). Chemical composition of the hexane extract from the leaves of Solanum pseudocapsicum. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol.5(6), 1054-1056pp.