The Journey So Far: A History of the University of Lagos, 1962-2012

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Akinyele, R.T.
Adeboye, O.
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University of Lagos Press
As could be expected, the University of Lagos has passed through many phases and experienced several challenges in its fifty years of existence. The University is now in its fifth stage of historical evolution. The first is the Era of the pioneers, 1962-1965. It began on the 5th June 1962, with the inauguration of the eleven members Provisional Council and ended with the expiration of the term of the first Vice Chancellor, Professor Eni Njoku in 1965. The landmarks of the era include the setting up of an appropriate administrative machinery to direct the affairs of the young institution, the admission of students and recruitment of staff into the three Faculties of Commerce and Business Administration, Law and Medicine. The era also witnesses the commencement of the second phase of the Development project, with the establishment of the Faculties of Arts, Education, Engineering and Science in 1964.
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Akinyele R.T. and Adeboye, O.A. (2013) The Journey So Far In Akinyele R.T. and Adeboye, O.A. A History of the University of Lagos, 1962-2012, University of Lagos Press, 651-666