'One Phase' versus 'Two-phase' Orthodontic treatment in the Management of Angles Class II Malocclusion: A case report comparing treatments of two biological sisters

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Isiekwe, G.I
Adekoya, M.N
Dacosta, O.O
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West African College of Surgeons
The objective of this study was to compare two different treatment protocols (‘one phase’ and ‘two-phase’ treatments) for the management of Angle’s Class II Division I malocclusion, using the case reports of two biological sisters treated at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-araba, Lagos. A comparison was made of the orthodontic treatment of both sisters, aged 15 and 10 years, who presented at the Orthodontic Unit of the Child Dental Health Department of the LUTH Dental Clinic, in 2005 and 2008, respectively. On examination, they both had severe cases of Angles Class II Division I malocclusion, with overjets of 12mm and 13mm, respectively, and very deep bites. One-phase (delayed) orthodontic treatment, involving a two- unit extraction in the upper arch, with fixed appliance therapy and reinforced anchorage was chosen for the older sister; while for the younger sister, a two-phase (early) treatment plan was chosen. This involved the use of a functional appliance: the twin block of Clark, in the first phase and fixed appliance therapy in the second phase. The same clinicians treated both sisters. Active treatment duration lasted approximately 57months and 48months for the older and younger patients, respectively. Post-treatment overjets of 4mm and 3.5mm, respectively, with normal overbites, were obtained in both patients. One phase and two-phase treatment protocols can be successfully used in the management of Angles Class II Division I malocclusion. Each protocol has its advantages and limitations. However, a thorough patient assessment and selection is required for the best treatment outcome in each case.
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Research Subject Categories::ODONTOLOGY::Orthodontics , Angles Class II , One Phase , Two Phase , Dental Clinic
Isiekwe G.I, Adekoya, M.N, and Dacosta OO (2014) ‘One phase’ versus ‘Two-phase’ Orthodontic treatment in the management of Angle’s Class II malocclusion: A case report comparing the treatment of two biological sisters. West Afri J Orthod Vol. 3:9-15pp.