Innovative Policies for Implementation of TVET Curriculum in Enhancing Students Competencies for Sustainable Industrial Development in South-West, Nigeria

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Olabiyi, Oladiran Stephen
Ngozi, Uzoka
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Vocational and Technical Education, Journal. Publication of Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka
The paper examined innovative policies for the implementation of the TVET curriculum in enhancing students' competencies for sustainable industrial development. A survey design was adopted. Three research questions and three hypotheses, tested at .05% level of significance, guided the study. The respondents for the study consisted of 118 technology education practitioners and organized private sector (OPS) employers. Data were obtained using a structured questionnaire, simple random sampling was used. The reliability coefficient of the instrument yields α = .85, Using Cronbach Alpha. Mean and the standard deviation was used to answer the research questions, while independent sample t-test statistics were employed to test the null hypotheses. The findings revealed that strong policies support for TVET to include: adoption of a national vocational qualifications system and competency-based training; employers’ involvement in the various phases of training; a strong apprenticeship system and extensive rural training facilities. There is no significant difference between the mean responses of technology education practitioners and OPS employers regarding TVET policy objectives are required to develop students’ competencies; how training of TVET students be designed and implemented and innovative strategies to help students achieve key policy goals of TVET programs. It was recommended that: Effort should be made by the ministry of education in collaboration with TVET administrators for formulating effective policy that will strengthen the implementation of the TVET curriculum; quality assurance should be introduced to supervise implementation processes particularly regarding resources and TVET providers to follow regulations and establishment of national vocational qualification frameworks.
Implementation , Innovative Policy , Industrial Development , Competencies , Curriculum , Sustainable , Technical Vocational Education and Training
Olabiyi, O. S., & Uzoka, N. (2020). Innovative policies for implementation of TVET curriculum in enhancing students’ competencies for sustainable industrial development in South-West, Nigeria. Vocational and Technical Education, Journal 2, (1), 56-64.