From Agrarian to Consumerism: The African Environment

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Ajiola, F.O.
Olusola, A.O.
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Faculty of Arts University of Lagos.
One major problem facing contemporary African humanity is closely associated with the careless exploitation of nature. Modernization, industrialization and urbanization of African cities through unwholesome exploitation of nature constitute a huge challenge for sustainable environment, and the quality of life of urban dwellers. The unprecedented transition from agrarian societies in Africa to urban consumerist lifestyle threatens the African Environment and humanity in the 21st century. Modern urbanization and the rise of mega cities and urban sectors in Africa has untold consequences, in terms of increased vulnerabilities not only to climate change, but also to myriad of hazards such as cyclones, change in ecosystem, flooding, rise in sea level, coastal erosion, and dysfunctional temperature. The paper historically examines the changing trends of urbanity in relation to environmental sustainability. It posits that rapid de-agrarianization, frequent drought and other related environmental problems facing people in Africa are negative effects of urbanization. Rapid urbanization in some African cities has generated enormous vulnerabilities for the African environment.
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Sustainable Development , Food Security , Ecosystem , Climate Change , Urbanization , Research Subject Categories::HUMANITIES and RELIGION::History and philosophy subjects::History subjects
Ajiola, F. O & Olusola, A. O. (2017). From Agrarian to Consumerism: The African Environment. Lagos Notes & Records, 23:168-186