A Visualization Approach to Graph Layout Problem.

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Adewole, A.P.
Sofoluwe, A.B.
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ASSET Journal of Applied Sciences
A comprehensive assessment of existing graph layout algorithms revealed that most of the existing algorithms employed automatic approach which permits graph layout without user intervention. However, automatic approach poses some difficulties: (1) user or application-specific layout constraints are usually not taken into account. (2) automatic approach seldom makes use of information in the current layout for the next incremental update. (3) fixed node size is commonly being used. To overcome these difficulties, an interactive graph layout system, A Visualization Approach to Graph Layout Problem, AVATGLP based on modified force-directed algorithm was developed. The system revealed that a user or application-specific constraint may be easily added to many automatic graph layout algorithms, and that using information in the current layout incremental update coupled with variable node size, leads to a better graph layout. This study will aid researchers, managers, e.t.c in gaining new insights and ideas about the relationships inherent in their data-set, and is, therefore, very useful for building sophisticated research tools.
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Animation , force-directed , graph , layout , visualization , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science::Computer science
Adewole, A. P,. and Sofoluwe A. B., (2006). A Visualization Approach to Graph Layout Problem. ASSET Journal of Applied Sciences, vol.5(1):67-78pp.