Staff Personnel Management and Productivity

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Bello, S.A
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This study investigate the relationship between staff Personnel Management and Productivity.To be specific, the study examined certain areas of personnel' management such as: Recruitment, Selection and Placement of Secondary School Teachers in Ikeja Local Education District of Lagos State. Questionnaire technique was used to collect relevant information for the study.It was discovered that most of the problems connected with human resource management are as a result of poor compensation and reward, low incentives, poor working conditions, lack of training and development programmes as well as lack of effective communication and poor leadership.Recommendations were made therefore to improve on different areas of recruitment, selection and placement of teachers and productivity of teachers in the school system. These include,wide publicity of recruitment on mass media in order to alert the public and better condition of service for teachers in order to boost their morale in putting their best performance.
Conference Paper
Staff Personnel Management , Productivity
Bello,S.A. (1999) Staff Personnel Management and Productivity. Being a Paper Presented At The Annual Conference Of The Nigerian Association For Educational Association And Planning University of Ilorin, Ilorin.