Integrated Health Care System Using Cloud Computing

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Olaniyan, O.M
Ogude, C.U
Onuah, C
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International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications
The Web Based Hospital Management which is a system that automates the retrieval of patients file and also provides a platform for patient to meet the doctor online and communicate with the doctor. The system would ensure the proper keeping of information and the retrieval of patient’s information very easy. The project commenced with the investigation of the existing to see the problem on one hand and then propose a solution to the problem. We further carried out a literature review to acquire more knowledge from peoples work, and this helped enhanced the development of the system. Furthermore, we did the systems analysis and methodology of the system and after we had a clearer picture of the system which made it very easy for us to go into the system design and implementation. The system is designed for in Nigerian national hospitals but can be used by any hospital. The emergence of this newly developed system will solve the shortcomings of the existing system and also reduce time and resources incurred while using the manual system.
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Web Based Hospital Management , Patients file , System design , Manual system , Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY::Information technology::Computer science
Olaniyan, O.M, Ogude C.U. and Onuah C. (2019). Integrated Health Care System Using Cloud Computing. International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications, Vol.8(4),pp 115-123.