Funding university education in Nigeria

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Uzoka, N.E.
Bilabi, V.E.
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Transworld Times Press (Africa) Limited
Education is the fastest growing social sector of the Nigerian economy. It grew slowly during the colonial era' but there was a dramatic leap in enrolment in the 1970s. The increase in enrolment was so rapid that the universities inc.i,-cct.:::.ed ill IlU nber from three to six in 1970, seventeen in 1980 and one hundred and twenty in 1990 (Oguntoye and Alani, 1998). At present, the number of universities has in creased to 89. These universities cannot be managed effectively unless adequate fund is available, hence the issue of funding is of paramount importance in the universities. Educational finance in the views of Oguntoye and Alani (1998) refersto the process of procuring and disbursing of financial resources for the provision of education of a given standard by a society. The amount available to education is limited by the total resources:ofthe society and the values placed on education. The issue of funding of education has generated a lot of agitations by members ofthe public educational practitioners~ unions ,., d policy makers and planners. Thus the focus of this chapter is on -. iversity education financing in Nigeria.
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Uzoka, N.E & Bilabi, V.E. (2011). Funding university education in Nigeria. Managing the Nigerian University System: issues and prospects, Chapter, 17, 265-279.